JPSHINFINITY collects anonymized web usage statistics through 1and1 IONOS hosting. JPSHINFINITY does not collect personal information from the users. If you contact JPSHINFINITY you agree we can collect your name, contact information and store it.


Privacy Policy
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“End user”, “you” refers to you the end user of this website.
“Him”, “We”, “Us”, “Our”, “JPSHINFINITY Gaming” and other similar language refers to the company.
“3rd party website” “Third party website” ,“their” or similar language refers to an affiliate marketing website who we are doing business with.

Our Commitment to You and Options to opt out of Information Tracking
JPSHINFINITY does not currently collect tracking information.

We use Secure Sockets Layer 128-bit protection on this website (SSL and HTTPS). JPSHINFINITY Gaming has a GeoTrust Secure Sockets Layer Certificate. GeoTrust backs with a $250,000 security guarantee.
Information You Provide
JPSHINFINITY may collect the following information on this website.
You also provide this information on the website when you register, view, checkout and complete payment with.
JPSHINFINITY may collect (some not all of the following) information that includes your user name or screen name, name, address, phone number, email, payment information and others when you communicate with JPSHINFINITY via Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Blog or other 3rd party platforms where JPSHINFINITY Gaming has a presence.
JPSHINFINITY collects information when you communicate with us or other users. We also compare the contents of the information against the Terms of Service. If we find that are violating the Terms of Service, we may terminate or suspend your account. Please see the Terms of Service for full details.
JPSHINFINITY does collect the full information when you directly pay to us.
JPSHINFINITY has the right to compile and use data and make a backup copy. This allows us to comply with any legal requests from law enforcement.

JPSHINFINITY uses Blogger website for hosting the blog. The Blogger website is hosted by Google. Anytime you are reading, viewing, commenting or posting you are agreeing to JPSHINFINITY’s Terms of Service regarding comment content regulations. This is in addition to Blogger’s Terms of Service regarding comments.
Therefore, the Blogger site Terms of Service and Privacy Policy apply and differ from JPSHINFINITY’s. You agree to abide by their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy in addition to JPSHINFINITY’s.
Tracking the Website
JPSHINFINITY does use Google Analytics to track, monitor and maintain the website. However, this tracking is anonymous. JPSHINFINITY does not attempt to reconstruct the data to determine the actual user using the website. JPSHINFINITY only provides the aggregated, anonymous data to Google as part of their Terms of Service to Google Analytics.
JPSHINFINITY does collect the information through Google Analytics about your browsing history on the website. This information may include IP Address, cookie information, length of stay, clicks on links, origin of arrival and departure from the website. It also includes device information, IP Address, cookie information, advertising identification, web browser version, operating system, cellular or mobile network connection, device settings and software data if applicable.
Google Analytics allows you to opt out of tracking here.

JPSHINFINITY does use Microsoft Clarity to track, monitor and maintain the website. JPSHINFINITY does not attempt to reconstruct the data to determine the actual user using the website. JPSHINFINITY only provides the aggregated, anonymous data to Microsoft Clarity as part of their Terms of Service to Microsoft.
JPSHINFINITY does collect the information through Microsoft Clarity about your browsing history on the website. This information may include IP Address, cookie information, length of stay, clicks on links, origin of arrival and departure from the website. It also includes device information, IP Address, cookie information, advertising identification, web browser version, operating system, cellular or mobile network connection, device settings and software data if applicable.
If you wish to opt out of Microsoft Clarity on JPSHINFINITY please block JavaScript on this website.
JPSHINFINITY does not knowingly collect location data directly through our applications. It may be collected by Google. That is pursuant to the Google privacy policy.
Google Analytics may disclose location data. You can turn off browser location information from iOS, Android or Windows Phone, Windows or Macintosh operating systems. Please see your user manual for details on how to turn it off. Look in Settings or System Settings for an option.
We collect Google Analytics information using a Google Identification Header in the HTML, Cookies, web beacons and other web tracking technologies. This information/data allows JPSHINFINITY to better understand your browsing history and patterns, purchase history and other relevant data. Google may receive this data through Google Analytics and aggregate it anonymously.
Google Analytics allows you to opt out of tracking here.
Tracking Data
JPSHINFINITY does track the content or ads viewed, served, clicked on, frequency, duration of your web session, sites/applications viewed before arriving or after leaving our website, product purchasing data available from the 3rd advertisers upon successful completion of the transaction at the end of the and other relevant actions taken on our site or in conjunction.
Information from 3rd Party advertisements, application, websites and Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Discord and others)
Google collects session data including which ad was displayed, how long it was displayed, if the user clicked on the ad, if the user downloaded the application, if the user went to the website, if the user made a purchase and other relevant data to display an advertisement in our application.

We collect information when we receive or initiate contact to you the end user from other users, 3rd parties, affiliates and other means of contact.
When you initiate contact on a 3rd party website where we have a web presence like JPSHINFINITY Gaming Facebook, Twitter pages on social media. Where contact is maintained through public message boards or instant message (IM).
From advertisers who have advertisements displayed on our website. We may have agreements with certain 3rd party websites to view their analytical data. It is in accordance with their Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Analytical Tracking. This includes currently Cool Fine Art, an established authorized affiliate relationship.
How We Utilize and Process Your Information/Data
JPSHINFINITY utilizes, processes, analyzes your information/data to develop our website. It enables us to provide, develop, maintain, improve and continue to innovate our website in accordance with your purchasing decisions.
We analyze emails, instant messages, photos, videos, attachments and other communications directed and not directed at JPSHINFINITY Gaming. Tagging us in content will be analyzed. We may ask you to remove such content if it is against our Terms of Service. Failure to remove it will result in contacting the company hosting the data or post on social media. If we determine that it is detrimental enough, we may serve a legal request Decease and Desist or Digital Copyright Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown request. You will be responsible for all fees associated with us taking legal action if the “user content” is deemed against our Terms of Service or the Terms of Service of the hosting site such as a social media site like Facebook, Twitter, Discord or others.
Fulfill obligations we are contacted, initiated or instructed by you or law enforcement.

We provide our anonymous, aggregated data to Google. This helps them provide their product to better understand you. You can take choices like having a Privacy Blocker from Duck Duck Go to opt out of browser tracking.
We use the information/data collected from your browsing session to understand your interests and potentially serve ads from that data.

This data will help us better understand how people initiate a web session with our website, browse, interact, click an affiliate link and then checkout with payment information on the 3rd party website.
Your information allows us to create, view, watch, understand and monitor promotions and offers we have on the JPSHINFINITY Gaming website.

To conduct and support the current website and innovate for the future.

At our option it allows us to share your browsing information with select partners, affiliates, advertisers, associations and sponsors we have. This allows us to make money to continue to create and maintain the website.

Location based data may be collected. We may analyze to determine how to better serve you the end user customer. You have the right and responsibility to turn that off if you do not want us to find out about that information. However, it may still be possible to determine your location through other methods.

Associate anonymized information we have about you through our affiliate marketing and social media channels.
Detect compromised, intrusions, invasions, installations of fraudulent, illegal, unauthorized activity on our site, originating from our site or any other illegal activity.
Under 13 Children’s Privacy
The JPSHINFINITY Gaming and family of websites are for a general/everyone to mature audience.  JPSHINFINITY Gaming does not knowingly collect, utilize, or share information to identify or utilize children under age 13 information without prior parental consent or in accordance with applicable law. We will immediately delete and eliminate information belonging to a child under age 13. Parents please contact us regarding illegal underage social media usage on our channels. We will delete the posts corresponding to the content they posted. However, you will have to go to the social media website to have their account taken down. We do not assist with this.


Information Security and Data Retention
When you browse, use, interact with the JPSHINFINITY Gaming website you consent to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. This includes processing, sharing, transferring, utilizing your information.
Regardless of your country of origin or residence you agree that we can use your information in accordance with the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service of JPSHINFINITY Gaming. This may be different than the laws, rules or regulations of your country of origin or residence. This potentially means that these countries may not have or have greater protections safeguards than the United States of America. You agree to waive your right to these protections.
JPSHINFINITY Gaming will protect your data to the best of his ability to the best of his financial ability to protect the information. You agree to hold harmless if there is a breach that was not possible to protect against with reasonable certainty financially.
Privacy Policy is For JPSHINFINITY Gaming and the JPSHINFINITY brands
The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy provided by JPSHINFINITY apply only to the JPSHINFINITY, JPSHINFINITY Gaming and other JPHSRACER subsidiaries. They do not apply to the 3rd party affiliate websites or affiliate links hosted on this site.
You agree that you are in compliance with all applicable Terms of Service, Privacy Policies on the 3rd Party websites social media channels. Facebook, Twitter, Discord and others.
We may and will update this Privacy Policy in the future. Please check it periodically. We will post the link to the new version prominently on the JPSHINFINITY Gaming website. It will be appropriate notice in most cases 30 days. Unless it is unavoidable that we have to put it in to force and effect immediately like the next day. That is in order to avoid legal action because we prominently missed something. If you do not agree with the new Privacy Policy when it takes effect, then discontinue using the website.
Comments, Questions and Suggestions 
Writing Privacy Policies, Terms of Service are difficult. If we missed anything or if you want further clarification on anything. Including updating this Privacy Policy to further clarify a topic please contact us:
Spam is not tolerated.

Please see the Contact page for a contact Email.

Thanks for your help supporting JPSHINFINITY. We do not really like having to write legal agreements however our legal advisor told us we had to. It is to keep us safe from legal action. Have a great rest of you day. We look forward to serving you great gaming content. Thanks again for reading.

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